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Reasons why you need good travel insurance

Are you going on a trip soon and still don't know which insurance to choose?

Keep reading and discover the possibilities that Easy-go Seguros offers.

Travel insurance is essential to fully enjoy your trip since You won't have to worry about anything except to enjoy and make the most of your time.

Having good travel insurance It is key to solving any unforeseen event that occurs during a trip, whether it is a lost suitcase, an accident or a simple cold.

With travel insurance you will save a lot of time, money and above all you will save on health. Additionally, you should keep in mind that there are countries where you are required to have travel insurance, such as Russia or Cuba, and countries like the United States where healthcare is very expensive.

Easy-Go offers multiple travel insurance depending on the type of trip you are going to make, whether it is a weekend getaway or a Erasmus stay, language course, company internship, Au Pair, etc. Oh and we also have a student visa medical insurance in Spain!

Take good care of the type of trip you are going to make and your needs because a backpacking trip does not require the same coverage as a cruise.

For more information about the types of travel insurance offered by Easy-go, click on travel insurance.

If, for example, next year you are going to do an Erasmus, the coverage offered by the PREMIUM student travel insurance It has everything you need to make your stay abroad much easier.

6 reasons for good travel insurance

  1. If you get sick or have an accident, this travel insurance covers you everything you need, unlimitedly. In addition, it also covers other expenses such as ambulance or urgent dentistry transfers, among others. Do not forget that during any trip it is important to have the European health card, but it will not cover your expenses completely since it adapts to the health system of the EU country where you are and once you leave the EU it is no longer useful. .
  2. It is important to know that this travel insurance includes repatriation in case of death or illness. This is usually mandatory whenever you go on Erasmus. It also includes the displacement of family members in case of hospitalization and even the early return in case of death or hospitalization of a family member.
  3. With everything regarding luggage, this insurance includes theft and material damage to luggage, the search, location and shipping of lost luggage and also covers delay expenses in the event of delays in the delivery of checked luggage or if the departure trip is delayed.
  4. You will have coverage in the event of an accident and you will have the right to a compensation for the damage caused.
  5. Count with one liability insurance and expenses of legal assistance.
  6. The insurance company is available to you 24 hours a day of the day 365 days a year.

Finally, if you are a sports enthusiast, you don't have to stop practicing them since our travel insurance offers coverage so that you can practice them without problems.

keys to travel insurance

If you still have questions, take a look at our website.
If you already have it clear, don't think about it anymore and take out your travel insurance us.

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