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Student Visa Medical Insurance Spain

Health Insurance for student visa in Spain

Este healthcare insurance is designed by DKV Seguros Médicos for international students who travel to Spain and need to obtain the student visa in Spain or renew the NIE in Spain . It is not travel insurance in itself but rather medical insurance.

Characteristics of the Spain student visa medical insurance policy

  • Comprehensive health insurance with UNLIMITED MEDICAL EXPENSES
  • No shortages (except childbirth): you will be able to use all the services from the first moment.
  • No copay: you will not pay anything more to attend your medical appointments.
  • No health questionnaire.
  • Repatriation coverage included in the event of death.
  • Health care in case of Covid-19 infection.

Meet all the requirements to be granted a visa and be able to travel to Spain to study.

It has coverage throughout Spain except Navarra.

This health insurance policy is only valid for people who travel to Spain to complete a study program.

Full healthcare insurance is mandatory for all students who do NOT come from countries in the European Union or the EEA (European Economic Area).

The maximum hiring age is 67 years (actuarial age).

Price per person

1,30 € / day
  • Price up to 40 years. Check other ages
  • Valid to obtain a student visa

Requirements to register health insurance for the visa in Spain

  • Course accreditation.
  • ID card or passport.
  • Minimum insurance contract 3 months.

Main insurance coverage for the study visa in Spain

Primary care, medical specialties and diagnostic tests

Assistance for Covid-19 contagion

Hospitalization and surgery


Medical expenses

Global travel assistance

dental coverage

Assistance Primary

  • 24 hour emergency.
  •  General medicine. 
  • ambulances
  • Basic clinical analysis.
  • Home assistance.
  • Nursing. 

Specialists, media diagnostic and therapeutic

All specialties: cardiology, dermatology, neurology, traumatology, gynecology, oncology, etc. • Podiatry, physiotherapy and rehabilitation without limits. • In-office treatments: psychotherapy sessions, speech therapy... • Ultrasounds, MRIs, CT scans, radiotherapy, lithotherapy, etc.

Hospitalization and surgery Medical

• Surgical interventions
• Obstetric.
• Pediatric.
• Intensive Surveillance Unit (UVI).
• Compensation for hospitalization when it is not paid by DKV (€80/day, maximum €2.400).
• No day limits (except psychiatric maximum 60 days/year).

Global travel assistance during your stay in Spain

If you decide to travel abroad while you reside in Spain, DKV insurance also includes travel assistance with the following features:
  • The trip outside of Spain cannot exceed 180 days.
  • Medical, pharmaceutical, surgical, hospitalization and ambulance expenses abroad up to a maximum limit 20.000 €.
  • Urgent dental expenses up to a maximum of €300
  • Extension of stay in a hotel abroad up to a maximum of €800 (up to €80/day)
  • Transfer and repatriation of insured persons.
  • Early return.
  • Shipping of medicines.
  • Telephone medical consultation.
  • Help in searching for luggage.
  • Sending of documents.
  • Cancellation of cards.
  • Advancement of funds abroad.
  • Loss of links due to delay of the means of transport up to €120.
  • Luggage
  • Legal defense up to €1.500.
  • Deposit advance up to €6.000.



1.Does DKV health insurance meet the embassy requirements for a study visa in Spain?

Sure thing! It is a medical insurance designed to obtain a visa in Spain. 100% Guaranteed.

2. Will I get my money back if my study visa is denied?

Yes, all your money will be returned except €35 for management fees. We just need you to send us an email to: info@seguros-viajes.com  attaching the embassy denial letter and we will proceed with the return.

3. I still do not have an address in Spain to send the medical card, can I take out the insurance?

Don't worry! You can enter the address of our office:

Calle Brasil 1 Duplicado Bajo, 41013 – Sevilla, Spain.

Later, when you have an address you can change it without problem.

4. Once I contract health insurance for the study visa, how long does Easy-Go take to send the documentation to the embassy?

Within our working hours in Spain, you will receive the documentation in less than 24 hours!

5. What is the price of health insurance?

We offer very competitive prices. The price of DKV health insurance is €1,30/day up to the actuarial age of 40 years (consult for other ages).

6. Is assistance abroad covered? 

Only in the event of an emergency due to illness or accident, through complementary travel assistance coverage, the provision of medical assistance abroad is guaranteed for up to a maximum of 180 days per trip or displacement.
Assistance abroad: maximum €20.000

7. What is covered in the dentistry specialty?

Consultations, extractions, dental treatments, fluoridations, mouth cleanings and dental radiology associated with these treatments are covered.
The rest of the dental treatments not covered by insurance will be provided, with the insured participating in its cost, through the oral service (see “Additional services”).
Oral service included with more than 50 free services and others at very special pricess.

8.Does the insurance cover all of Spain?

Student health insurance covers all of Spain except Navarra. 

9.Who is Easy-Go?

Easy-Go is an insurance agent legally established in Spain and registered with the General Insurance Directorate of Spain (www.dgsfp.mineco.es ) with registration code: C0161B90049073.

Easy-Go markets medical insurance for study visas from the insurer DKV.

What are the health insurance requirements demanded by the Spanish embassy for the study visa?

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1. Medical health insurance valid throughout the stay

2. Letter from the insurance company that you are covered at 100% without deductibles or co-payments

3. Travel insurance is not accepted. It has to be medical health insurance.

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