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student travel insurance

Travel insurance for students

We want you to enjoy your experience abroad to the fullest and that no inconvenience spoil all your plans, which is why we offer you a travel insurance adapted to all your needs. With us Health insurance You can visit doctors and hospitals around the world.

With the travel insurance that we offer, you will not have to worry about possible hospital expenses or transfers to your country of residence due to the death of a family member, as well as many other coverages that we have.

This travel insurance is suitable for all types of students: Erasmus, language courses abroad, Au Pair, Master student, academic year, exchanges with other schools, professional internships, etc.

El health insurance Plus and Premium is valid to obtain a Schengen visa (minimum medical coverage of €30.000 is required)

Types of travel insurance for students

Basic Insurance
Up to 6.000 euros in medical expenses!
Plus Insurance
Up to 60.000 euros in medical expenses!
premium insurance
With this insurance, unlimited medical expenses!

Travel insurance coverage for students

Medical expenses

Medical Expenses Coverage

Private Civil Liability

Private Civil Liability

Baggage Delay Expenses

Baggage Delay Expenses

Accident Coverage

Theft and Damage to Luggage

Theft and Damage to Luggage

24 hour assistance

24 Hour Assistance

Basic Insurance

Up to €6.000 in medical expenses. INCLUDES HEALTH ASSISTANCE IN CASE OF CONTAGION BY COVID-19. If you are looking for cheap travel insurance, this is your insurance!



Basic Insurance Coverage

• For expenses originating abroad and derived from an illness or accidents that occurred abroad: €6.000

Accidents caused by COVID-19

In cases of vital emergency as a result of an unforeseeable complication of a chronic or pre-existing disease, only the costs of first assistance carried out urgently and within the first 24 hours from the start of care will be taken into account. in the medical or hospital center.

The costs of the means of transportation will be organized and paid in the event that due to illness or accident you are unable to continue the trip and use the transportation for the program that is the object of the trip. Ilimitado

Up to the place of burial in Spain, up to the limit of. Ilimitado
If the Insured is sick or injured and their return is not possible, when the Insured's medical team decides based on their contacts with the doctor who treats them, the insurer will be responsible for the expenses caused by the extension of the stay in hotel, paying €60/day, with a limit of 600 €.

In the event of the death of a direct family member in Spain, the Insurer will organize and pay the costs of the means of transport for the return of the Insured, up to the limit of: Ilimitado

When the Insured has been hospitalized and a duration of more than 3 days is expected, the Insurer will make available to a relative of the Insured, a round-trip ticket from their home, in order to go to their side. Ilimitado.

Payment of material losses suffered by luggage as a result of theft is guaranteed; breakdowns, damage due to fire or theft and total or partial breakdown or loss caused by the carrier. 150 €.

In case of death or disability, compensation up to the limit of €6.000

People over 70 years of age are not covered, and minors under 14 years of age are guaranteed the risk of death only up to €3.000, or up to the limit set in the Particular Conditions, if this is lower, for funeral expenses and for the risk of death. Permanent Disability up to the sum established in the Particular Conditions.

The maximum compensation in the event of an accident will be €3.000.000, regardless of the number of Insureds affected.

Ergo Seguros will reimburse you for expenses derived from communications made with our assistance center.

Claims for personal or material damage caused in areas for which the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs had issued a recommendation not to travel at the time of entry of the INSURED (for example, due to terrorist attacks or natural disasters) will be excluded from coverage.

If this recommendation had been issued while the INSURED was at their destination, the insurance coverage will be extended for a period of 14 days, counting from the moment the warning was issued.

The INSURER must be informed during said period and the INSURED must decide whether to leave that area or accept the issuance of a supplement to their policy, in which new coverage conditions may be established at the INSURER's discretion.

Ergo Seguros is responsible for the pecuniary compensation that, in accordance with articles 1902 to 1910 of the Civil Code, the Insured is obliged to satisfy as civilly responsible for bodily or material damage caused involuntarily to third parties, with a limit of 30.000 €.

Plus Insurance

Up to €60.000 in medical expenses. INCLUDES HEALTH ASSISTANCE IN CASE OF CONTAGION BY COVID-19. If you are looking for good travel insurance for students, look at this!



Insurance Plus Coverage

Medical expenses due to illness or accident in Spain*: €600
(*If you are a resident of another country and travel to Spain it would be €60.000).

Accidents caused by COVID-19

Compensation will be paid for Trip Cancellation Expenses if at the end of the course the student has failed three or more subjects and for this reason does not make the trip. This coverage will take effect as long as, during the school year, the student has not failed two or more subjects during three consecutive evaluations.

Compensation will be paid for Travel Cancellation Expenses if the student must take their exams in the September session in at least three subjects of the course in which they are enrolled, excluding Physical Education, Religion, Ethics, Music, Manual Work and any another subject that is considered complementary to the basic subjects of the course. This Coverage will take effect as long as, during the school year, the student has not failed two or more subjects during three consecutive evaluations.

premium insurance

Unlimited medical expenses. INCLUDES HEALTH ASSISTANCE IN CASE OF CONTAGION BY COVID-19. If you are looking for the best insurance, this is your option!



Premium Insurance Coverage

Accidents caused by COVID-19

Emergency expenses abroad resulting from an aggravation of a chronic or pre-existing illness: €50.000

  • For trips of up to 3 months in duration: Not covered
  • For trips between 3 and 6 months in duration: 275 €
  • For trips lasting more than 6 months: 550 €

• For trips of up to 3 months in duration: 200 €
• For trips between 3 and 6 months in duration: 200 €
• For trips lasting more than 6 months: €400

• For trips of up to 3 months in duration: 200 €
• For trips between 3 and 6 months in duration: 400 €
• For trips lasting more than 6 months: 800 €

• Travel expenses: Unlimited
• Expenses for the stay of displaced family members (€75/day): 750 €

• Theft and material damage to luggage: 2.800 €

  • Valuable items: 480 €
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SPORT ACTIVITY: For the purposes of this policy, sports practice, according to its level of risk, will be grouped, in each case, as detailed below.

Group A: athletics, gym activities, cycle tourism, curling, hiking, jogging, ball games, beach games and camping activities, kayaking, swimming, orienteering, paddle surfing, fishing, snowshoeing, segway, hiking, snorkeling, trekking below of 2.000 meters of altitude and any other with similar characteristics.

Group B (check price): mountain biking, shooting sports / small game, cross-country skiing, jet skis, snowmobiles, sailing, paintball, skating, canoeing, Tibetan bridge, climbing wall, 4 x 4 routes, survival, surfing and windsurfing, zip line , trekking between 2.000 and 3.000 meters of altitude, sledding in ski resorts, dog sledding (mushing), equestrian tourism and any other with similar characteristics.

Group C (check price): white water, airsolf, canyoning, diving and underwater activities less than 20 meters deep, bouldering up to 8 meters high, horse riding, sport climbing, fencing, caving less than 150 meters deep, water skiing, fly surfing, hydrobob, hydrospeed, kitesurfing, other winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, etc.), canoeing, psychobloc up to 8 meters high, quads, rafting, rappelling, bungee jumping and any other with similar characteristics.

Excluded activities: activities carried out at more than 3.000 meters of altitude, underwater activities at more than 20 meters of depth, martial arts, ascensions or aeronautical trips, big wall, bobsleigh, boxing, speed or endurance races, big game hunting, track cycling, mountain biking route, cyclocross, fighting sports, motorcycle sports, alpine climbing, classical climbing, comprehensive solo climbing, ice climbing, sports schools and associations, caving, caving at depths of more than 150 meters, caving in virgin chasms, speed boat, luge, polo, rugby, trial, skeleton and, in any case, professional sports. Athletics, Gym activities, Cycle tourism, Curling, Hiking, Jogging, Ball games, Beach games, Camping activities, Orienteering, Segway, Hiking, Trekking between 2.000 and 4.000 meters above sea level, Mountain biking, Shooting/hunting sports minor, Paintball, Skating, Tibetan bridge, Climbing wall, 4x4 routes, Survival, Zip line, Equestrian tourism, Airsoft, Canyoning, Bulder up to 8 meters high, Horse riding, Sport climbing, Fencing, Caving less than 150 meters deep and Quads .

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